Best Wedding Cake Recipes

A wedding is meant to be a celebration of not just the coming together of two individuals but also what they represent. As a result, they may tend to customize or personalize the celebrations to a great degree. And different kinds of weddings naturally mean different kinds of wedding cakes. Here are the best wedding cake recipes.


This is exactly why we cannot sit and list down all the various wedding cakes available on the site, even though we do try our best at all times. This page exists to give a shout out to all those cakes not included on our site, or those cakes which have been given a minimum of spotlight.

Here, as an added bonus, you will also find an extremely helpful fruit wedding cake recipe.

Best Recipes From All Over the World

There are multiple types of popular wedding cakes all over the globe, which kind of reflects the cultures and motifs attached to different geographical regions. We have English and Italian wedding cakes, which emphasize on designs based on flowers, pearls, lace fabrics, et cetera. Now let’s take a look at some of the best wedding cake recipes!

French wedding cakes, on the other hand, are much more intricate and delicately designed, and incidentally it was a French baker who thought of the basic concept for the modern version of the multi-tiered wedding cake.

The French also have a unique dessert mound, known as the croquembouches, which is basically a heap of truffles (known as profiteroles) one on top of the other, like an elongated anthill.

Travel to the Far East, and you will see Chinese wedding cakes sporting all kinds of funky, striking fondant colors – ranging from crimson to even gold! Animals on the Chinese zodiac are some of the most popular motifs on Chinese wedding cakes (like the rabbit, stork, and dragon), as are characters from the Mandarin script, proudly emblazoned on the surface of the cake.

Then we have Japanese wedding cakes which are ethereally beautiful, showcasing muted shades- from baby pink to white and sky blue. One of the most famous wedding cake decorations in Japan happens to be the lovely sakura flowers or cherry blossoms native to the “Land of the Rising Sun”.

You will find lots of Japanese wedding cakes which have sakura petals strewn across the surface of their tiers.

In the U.S., we have fondants on wedding cakes trying to imitate pop-culture iconography like retro polka dots, genre based themes like horror themed wedding cakes, goth themed wedding cakes et cetera. Vintage satin and frill looks to wedding cakes constructed out of Krispy Kreme donuts (a US brand), as well as simple tiered wedding cakes with impressive cake toppers, rule the roost in America.

Fruit wedding cakes and orange glazed icing cakes originated from the Southern states of the country and are immensely beloved in those regions in particular. The Americans also chose unconventional ingredients for their wedding cakes, like chocolate chips and lemon slices.

Now that you have seen all the wedding cakes ranging from cultures and continents around the world, let us look at that fruit wedding cake recipe which we had promised you earlier. So without any dilly-dallying, here you go with the recipe. Again, thank you for reading the best wedding cake recipes online!


Fruit Wedding Cake Recipe

Here is the list of ingredients:

First come the fruits, nuts, and fruit based products-

  • Pineapple rings (Finely chopped and about ten of them)
  • Half cut cherries (About a couple of pounds)
  • Mixed Fruit Peel (Three cups)
  • Orange Juice (half a cup)
  • Raisins (of the golden variety and about ten cups)
  • Fresh almonds (two cups)
  • A dozen or so of split almonds (for ornamentation purposes)

The ingredients for the cake batter-

  • All-purpose flour (About a dozen cups)
  • A dozen eggs
  • Butter (about four cups)
  • White sugar (about four cups)
  • Baking Powder (Two teaspoons)
  • Salt (One Teaspoon)
  • Vanilla Extract (Two teaspoons)

Equipment Needed for Cake Preparation: Stove, microwave/preheated oven, at least two mixing bowls, three baking pans of different sizes (for the different cake tiers), butter paper, electric mixer, and a ladle Got all that in your list? Fine then, let us proceed to the actual preparation of the fruit wedding cake:


Step 1 First, start with a large mixing bowl and take all the fruit ingredients- the cherries, pineapple rings, golden raisins, almonds and the mixed fruit peel and mix them up well. Add in a couple of cups of flour to the mix, and let the fruit pieces soak in the flour.

Step 2 Take another bowl and drop in the butter and sugar, and beat them together with an electric mixer until the blend becomes nice and fluffy. Start making the egg additions, one at a time, beating the mixture after each addition. After you are done with adding all twelve eggs, you should be left with a thick mixture (smoothen any lumps present in it).

Step 3 Pour in the orange juice and vanilla extract to this creamy mixture, followed by the baking powder, salt and the remaining cups of flour. Beat them well to get a uniform blend.

Step 4 In one of the bowls, mix this blend with the fruit mixture, which you had prepared early on. A simple ladle would do to combine the two mixtures if you do not want to make the batter too creamy and flowy, by using an electric beater.

Step 5 Once you have obtained a satisfactory batter, pour it into different sized cake pans which should be lined with butter paper. Bake the cakes in a microwave or preheated oven at 375 degrees for around half an hour.

Step 6 Remove the pans from the oven and let them cool for fifteen minutes. Then with a sharp knife, remove the cakes from the pans and place them on a wire grill upside down. Proceed to remove the butter paper stuck to them.

Step 7 After the cakes have cooled, start arranging them one on top of the other with the smallest cake on top, and the largest one at the bottom. Place the split almonds along the cake borders for decoration (Note: You could also place the split almonds in the cake batter just before you start baking it in Step 5, that is if you want the almonds to be embedded and roasted into the cake surface, rather than merely being set along the borders of the tier).

Serve the multi tiered fruit cakes to your guests in any kind of desirable presentation and after decorating it with icing patterns according to your wish and skill.

Wedding cakes will always prove to be appealing with your guests, as long as you make sure that it is visually interesting, nourishing, filling, and properly baked (without being burned to a crisp!). Remember these essential points and you are sure to achieve success with your wedding cake, no matter what its look or what the ingredients. The best wedding cake recipes online!

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