Black and White Wedding Cakes

Black and white wedding cakes are a reflection of classic style and elegance. This color palette is a sophisticated blend of traditionalism and modernism. This is a good color-scheme which can be used to symbolize a retro-theme in a wedding. For these reasons black and white cakes are becoming increasingly popular.

These cakes were popular at some early period of the wedding history. But with the application of unusual colors in the wedding cake the black and white cakes went out of fashion. With the passing of time, these cakes regained the lost popularity and have become the favorite of the masses-the young and the old.

Shape and size:

Black and white cakes come in many shapes like oval, round, square, heart shape etc. There are Mad Hatter and topsy-turvy wedding cakes which can be baked in black and white. These cakes can be ordered and baked in unusual shapes like a computer, according to the customers’ demand and specifications.

The size of these wedding cakes are like other cakes- single-tier, multi-tier or small cupcakes.


Flavor of Black and White Wedding Cakes:

These wedding cakes are unique in look and taste. You can opt for as many flavors like – butter chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, banana, butter pecan, carrot, pumpkin, French vanilla, coconut, Key lime, spice etc. Filling and icing of the cake is very important. You can opt for butter cream filling, fruit filling or filling with Triple fudge, Kahlua Mocha Bavarian, German chocolate filling, Rum Bavarian, Chocolate mint Bavarian etc. Those who like fruit can go for fruit fillings of Lemon, Apple, Pineapple, Coconut, Raspberry Bavarian etc. Icing with butter cream, white Rosette and Chocolate Ganache will make the cake more delicious. Nuts, caramels and spices will make the cake absolutely mouth-watering.

Fondant should be used if you want to bake your cake in intricate designs. Marzipan can also be used if necessary.


It is obvious that the colors used in black and white cakes should be black and white. One can think that the use of the two colors will dampen the decoration of the cake. It is not like that. Using a red rose on each tier of the cakes will simply increase the gorgeousness of the cake. You can use cake toppers like monogram toppers, crystal toppers, Religious toppers, hobbies toppers etc. to crown the cake. Besides these, there are other decors which are edible and non-edible.

Cake decoration ideas:

There are many couples who want a black and white cake but with a minimum splash of other colors. For that purpose use of rose petals or other flowers on the table or on the cake can be a great idea. But other cake decoration ideas are listed below:

  • The most common idea for black and white wedding cakes are to use black scrolls, swirls on a white cake. You can use a matching cake topper of a wedding couple dressed in black and white.
  • You can opt for a single-tiered heart shape white cake with black sugar roses. Vanilla and dark chocolate can be used for flavors.
  • A multi-tiered cake covered in white icing and decorated with black polka would be a great idea. The cake would be brilliant if you use a photo frame which includes a black and white picture of the wedding couple.

Some decoration ideas for black and white wedding cake that are made from eatable things:

  • You can use black berries to decorate your traditional white wedding cake to make this combination. Black berry crush could be used to decorate the cake.
  • You can buy black and white chocolate flakes to decorate your black and white cake. You can spread them all over the cake and/or you can make flower of these flakes and put it as cake topper.
  • Black coffee syrup could be used to decorate your wedding cake
  • Black chocolate syrup would be the best option to decorate your black and white wedding cake