Castle Wedding Cakes

Castle wedding cakes have been in great demand in the recent past. These castles symbolize a very cinematic ending to one of the most romantic event in the couple’s life which is their wedding reception. Cake cutting is the most important event in the wedding reception.

Castle wedding cake is a perfect choice for various wedding themes like royal wedding, princess wedding and fairy tale wedding theme (Cinderella wedding). Castle wedding cakes also suit on a traditional Christian wedding and white or snow winter wedding. If your wedding venue is any castle then you must go for this cake.


The cakes are available in various sizes, shapes, and flavors. It becomes extremely difficult for you to select the best wedding cakes as there are several varieties of wedding cakes. Some of the popular varieties of cakes include winter wedding cakes, beautiful wedding cakes, designer wedding cakes, and many more. You can opt for any of these as per your preference and choice.

More About Castle Wedding cakes

Castle wedding cakes for fairytale wedding could be decorated with miniatures of the fairy and the castle or even a miniature of a couple which would complement well with the theme of the wedding. Budget is the most important aspect that should be decided in advance. It will help you in the selection and order for the wedding cake. The selection of the cake would be based on the preferences of the couple, theme, and budget.

You can opt for the traditional wedding cake which is a popular option among many couples. You can opt to use various innovative toppings which are readily available in the market. Additionally use your own ideas and develop unique design for the cake.

Castle cake is an expensive cake among the all wedding cakes. The baker has to work a lot on it and for its shape, icing, and decoration. Therefore, the couple who have good budget should go for it. Therefore, it is very difficult to bake it at home.

Even then you can bake your own castle cake if you are very good at baking the cake at your home and decorating it. You must work practice well for this. You can do it with the help of the recipes and instructions which are available on various online sites or recipe books. One can also get excellent ideas about the cakes from the pictures of various wedding cakes available online. These would surely help you to a great extent.

Furthermore, you can also use various structures made up of plastic, chocolates, and other accessories which are readily available to prepare your own cake. It will provide you the excitement and special feeling to prepare your own wedding cake.

You can experiment with your innovation and style while baking and designing your own cake. A this cake could be either single layered or multi layered as per one’s individual taste. You could also use various other combinations like fruits, dry fruits, flowers, and other accessories. Try mixing various combinations of colors while preparing the castle.

The size of the wedding cake should be proportional to the number of wedding guests who would come for the wedding. The couple especially the bride might have some special visualization about the wedding cake.

You can use the accessories and other useful stuffs available in the market which will help you to create the cake as per your desire. You can try out different appearances that would suit the theme of the wedding. For instance: if you have opted for a beach wedding you could bake the cake in such a way that it would resemble a sand castle.

You could also try out various combinations of colors to suit the theme and decorations done in the wedding venue. Before beginning to prepare your cake, you should have a rough idea about the detailing, the size, the shape, and other attributes so that you could easily complete the task.