Crystal Wedding Cake Topper

A wedding cake is available in different shapes and sizes. There are different types of wedding cakes like heart-shaped wedding cakes, beach wedding cakes, white wedding cakes and so on. The designs vary as per the couple’s choice and personal likes. A wedding cake is .decorated with icing, flowers and cake toppers. The wedding cake toppers are of different types like vintage cake toppers, military cake toppers, crystal cake topper, etc.

crystal wedding cake topper

A traditional wedding is not complete without a wedding cake. Once you have decided the flavor and design of the cake then comes the time of deciding the decoration. A wedding cake is incomplete without a crystal wedding cake topper. An attractive, decorated, multi-tier wedding cake is always at the center of a wedding.

This wedding cake always has a cake topper that suits the mood and theme of the wedding. The crystal cake toppers are a rage and are popular in decorating wedding cakes.

Crystal wedding cake toppers perfectly suit for various wedding themes like royal weddings, fairytale weddings, winter weddings, white wedding theme, magical night, fire and ice theme, and starry night wedding theme.

You can use crystal crown as a cake topper for a royal and fairytale wedding cake. You can use crystals to decorate your wedding cake if your wedding theme is magical night or starry night.

These crystal toppers come in different sizes, shapes and colors. The crystal toppers have various graphic symbols which can be used to decorate the wedding cake. One can find beautiful heart, two entangled hearts, flowers, etc made in crystal. The toppers also come in form of initials or specially designed names of bride and groom made out of crystals.

You can also get a crystal figurine of a couple as a topper on the cake. There are various varieties available in the market. The couple has to go with a choice that best suits their relationship. A couple decides this topper according to their likes. These cake toppers are decorative pieces and can be kept as a memento of the most beautiful moment of life.

The crystal wedding cake toppers give a unique look to the wedding cake. It is a classic look and makes even a simple wedding cake beautiful. These toppers have a stylish look that makes the cake a decorative piece. Therefore, choosing the right crystal cake is an important task in planning of wedding cake.

It becomes a center of attraction to the entire guests who come to give wishes to the couple and share their happiness. These toppers are symbolic. A crystal figurine of a couple used as a topper on wedding cake symbolizes the love and care in the relationship of the wedding couple.

If a couple wants to make their wedding memorable then they should go for a crystal cake topper that glorifies their wedding cake. This wedding cake will be remembered by the couple as well as the guest for many years. As these crystal cake toppers leave a lasting impression on the onlookers. Crystal wedding cake toppers are perfect to celebrate the most significant moment of your life.

These crystal cake topper are available in two types:

  • Swarovski crystal cake toppers
  • Renaissance crystal cake toppers

Crystal wedding cake toppers look elegant on a cake as a decorative piece. The crystal cake toppers are available in form of initials of names, birds, stars, heart and so on. The crystal toppers are used to give an elegant and unique look to the cake. The crystal cake toppers can be kept as a memento in the wedding memorabilia once, you are done with the wedding. One should go for a crystal topper that best suits the cake and the theme of the wedding.