Cupcake Wedding Cakes

Wedding cake plays a significant role in the wedding ceremony. Different types of wedding cakes are seen these days. The cakes differ in their sizes, shapes and flavors. The recipe of these cupcake wedding cakes too varies from one region to other. Wedding cakes can be round, square, oval, hexagonal or flower-petal shaped. They can be single-tiered or multi-tiered. A popular variety of wedding cakes is the small wedding cupcakes.

Cupcake wedding cakes can be of two types- horizontal tiers or vertical tiers placed on cake stands. Sometimes couples prefer a small rounded, square or oval shaped cake as the top tier.


The cup cakes can be arranged into tiers and decorated according to the couple’s choice. The cup cakes are made in various flavors and can be decorated individually. A lot of bakers bake cupcakes according to the requirement and arrange them beautifully for the wedding ceremony.

Like all other cakes, Cupcake wedding cake might be decorated according to the personal likes and choices of the wedding couples. Many couples often consult a cake designer for elegant cake designs. But unlike other cake decorations, the cupcake cake decorations cost little.

Flowers, fruits, leaves, etc. can be used to adorn the cakes. One can use colored fruits, like strawberry, grapes in the middle of the cake surrounded by rose petals. Again, the wedding couple’s photo can be glued along the sides of the cake.

A cartoon figure, like the Mickey, a Barbie doll, a smiley face, an angel, a mermaid- all these can be glued at the top or sides of the cupcakes. Well, the design of the cakes should be in tune with the theme of the wedding. If you are planning to get married in winter, the cupcakes can be topped with snowflakes.

For those who like to marry during the Christmas, you can have Christmas decors like colored candles, ribbons, bows, silver or gold marbles, etc. on the top of the cakes.

A beach-themed wedding can also have cupcakes with edible shells, starfish and beach sands specially designed for this purpose. Cupcakes can be made more stylish and graceful if the cake toppers are used. Small cake toppers like bride and groom figurine, acrylic celebration heart, vintage toppers like two doves, two kissing birds, entangled heart, monograms like acrylic celebration circle, flat edge monograms, etc. do lend a special glow to small cakes.

Many couples prepare a multi tier wedding cake made of cupcakes. The common flavors are vanilla, chocolate, butterscotch, pineapple, orange, strawberry, etc. Fillings and frosting are to be done keeping in mind the color and the flavor of the cakes.

Mousses fillings can be done by chocolate, strawberry, lemon, coconut. Icing can be done with cheese, butter cream, etc. Sometimes the cupcakes are arranged on the cake table in circular form layer by layer. The top most layer is a small wedding cake, which is cut and savored by the couple and their families. All the guests are served with the cup cakes.

The couple can personalize these cupcakes by tying a satin ribbon, with name and wedding date engraved on the ribbon. The cupcake cakes can be served with special wedding favors like cupcake pot mitt, cupcake tote bag, key rings, cupcake tin lunch box, etc.

Prices of Cupcake Wedding Cakes:

The prices of cupcakes, like other cakes, depend on the flavor, the size, design and catering or delivery. But the prices of the cupcakes are comparatively lower than the traditional tiered cakes. However, a simple cupcake can cost as low as $2.50 and range to $8.50 approximately.

  • There are giant cupcakes which when decorated with buttercream and glitter will cost around $38.22. But if the same is decorated with sugar paste articles like rose or butterflies, it will cost around $45.86. Decorated with fresh flowers and designer toppers, the giant cupcakes will cost around $53.50. All these cupcakes can be cut into 12-15 regular pieces.
  • A mini cupcake may cost $1.22 to $2.00 approx.
  • Again a boxed cupcake set which may contains 6 designer cupcakes may cost $5.00 to $6.00 approx.

Cupcake Wedding Cake Stands

Wedding cupcakes are to be properly arranged to bring out the perfect blend of color and texture. You can use the accessories such as cupcake stands to get the desired graceful appearance to your cake. Another excellent option is to either place it in a tree like pattern or on consequent tiers.

While placing it on the consequent tiers, you have to ensure that the top layer should have round or square shaped cupcakes. Therefore, based on your ideas you can place the cup cakes and form a two tier to seven tier cake depending upon on individual preferences and number of cupcakes.

  • There are acrylic Cupcake stands which look beautiful and elegant. Generally the wedding cupcakes stands are made of glass, porcelain, rugged or strongly-built cardboard, metal etc. The cardboard stands are covered with plain white paper and can be cut along the sides in various designs. You can also design the cupcake stands with flowers, stars, ribbons and other articles which can match with the color and design of the cupcakes.
  • There are cupcake stands which can be folded, such as Wilton cupcake stands which hold only specific number of cupcakes.
  • You can place 120-200 cupcakes on the regular cupcake stands. You need to count the approximate number of cupcakes and can order special stand.

Wedding Cake Ideas

If you want some innovative ways to decorate your wedding cupcakes, just go through the following ideas:

  • You can have a four-tiered cupcake tree arrangement with a large brown chocolate cake placed at the top tier. For the other three tiers, you can have brown colored cupcakes topped with white icing, small sugar lilies, cute baubles etc.
  • If the pink color suits you, then go for pink and white colored cupcake themes. Just bake the white cake in pure vanilla flavor and top it with pink sugar hearts, pink butterflies, pink candies etc. A white cardboard stand can be used for this purpose.
  • Green is the color of Mother Nature. So just go for lemon flavored green colored cupcakes. You can just hand paint the cake with swirls or scrolls. Again if it is a winter-themed wedding, top it with white snowflakes.
  • A brilliant idea would be to have dark red and black colored cupcake. Strawberry flavor and fresh strawberries as cake toppers can be used.
  • An ivory and yellow cake with vanilla or banana flavor can please every guest. Just to make them smile, hand-paint a smiley-face on the top of the cake.

Thus cupcake wedding cakes can be simple, elegant and innovative as well.

There are a lot of people who opt for cupcakes as their wedding cake due to following advantages:

  • The transportation of the cupcake wedding cakes is convenient and easy. As the cakes are small in size they can easily be packed in boxes and get transported to the venue of wedding. They can be assembled quickly for the ceremony.
  • They are easy to serve to the guests present in the ceremony. Each person will get same amount of cake. Cutting cake in equal portions does not arise in this case.
  • The cup cakes can be made in various flavors. All the guests will get a different flavor according to their taste as they can choose when it is served. The guests will savor this experience for their life and it will be memorable for the couple too.
  • Each cupcake can be decorated individually. This will make the wedding cake look elegant and colorful. Every guest will be happy to get an individually decorated cup cake.
  • The cupcake cake can be served or wrapped in cake boxes. Thus, these can be sent to those who fail to attend the marriage.

A cupcake is the best way to serve personalized cake to all the guests and make the wedding a special and memorable occasion of your life.