Fondant Wedding Cakes

Wedding is one of the finest moments in a couple’s life. Wedding is all about venue arrangement, flower decoration, bridal wear, theme and wedding cake. Fondant wedding cakes are prepared in various flavors, sizes and shapes. The flavor and shape depends on couple’s personal choice and tastes. The size can be decided on the number of guests invited for the wedding.


The wedding cake can be prepared in single layer or can be multi-tired. This depends on couple’s personal likes. The cake can be decorated with toppers and fondant. The wedding cake has to synchronize with the theme of the wedding. There are various types of wedding cakes like heart-shaped wedding cakes, fondant wedding cakes, beach wedding cakes and so on.

Fondant cakes are the latest trend to hit the wedding cake scene. It is quite popular with couples as innovative and unique designs can be made out of it. One can experiment with the shapes. Castles, light house, cricket field, etc. can be created as a wedding cake due to fondant.

Fondant is used as a filling or covering of wedding cakes. Fondant is made out of water and sugar. The fondant icing has glycerin that gives it transparent look. Flowers, intricate designs, figurines, bows, etc. can be created from a fondant icing and can be used in decorating the cake.

The fondant can be prepared at home or can be brought from local market. Fondants are quite expensive so preparing them at home for a small wedding cake is an ideal option. There are some fondants that taste awful. The fondant wedding cakes look good and attractive but they should also taste delicious. Before using the fondant, make sure that it tastes good.

Fondant gives a smooth feel to the cake and hence, one can go with all sorts of decorations on the cake. Fondant cakes are creative visual treats and bakers make them look great as per the couple’s requirements.

More About Fondont Cakes

All the complicated and intricate designs can be created on fondant wedding cakes. The fondant is perfect to be used if the couple wants a great looking large multi-tired cake with beautiful intricate design of flowers and leaves. A cake in form of a large castle with all the intricacies is possible due to fondant.

A football field with players at playing positions, net and a football is a choice of fondant cake that the football passionate couple opts for in their wedding. Lemon, butterscotch, blueberry, chocolate cake with coconut filling, mango-orange, etc. are the flavors one can go for in their wedding cake in various shapes.

There are many couples who bake simple cakes and have fondant icing toppers for decoration. Two doves, heart, a dancing couple and so on are the popular toppers created by using fondant.

Fondants are especially useful while making intricate designs or if you opt for a summer wedding wherein there is a chance that buttercream would melt. You can apply a fondant to a buttercream cake so that the cake remains intact and compact.

Steps For The Fondant Wedding Cakes

  • Make dough like consistency of that fondant. Knead in the manner you knead the dough till it becomes soft.
  • Apply or sprinkle some cornstarch on the surface so that the fondant would not stick. Apply some cornstarch to your hands as well.
  • Take a small part of that fondant and roll it on a plain surface just like you roll the bread. The thickness should be about 1/4th of an inch.
  • Steer clear of any air bubbles. You could prick them off with a pin.
  • Lift the fondant with both hands and layer it on one of the tiers of a buttercream cake evenly. Do this process quickly before the fondant dries off. Cut off the excess fondant with the help of a knife or pizza wheel.
  • Repeat the same process on the other tiers of cake and then assemble the cake.
  • It is essential that you make the fondant with utmost care as regards to the consistency. It should not be very hard.
  • Fondant cakes can be very sweet and heavy at times because of the extra castor sugar in the fondant as well as the cake inside. You just need to be careful about the portions you serve.
  • Marshmallows fondant is one of the best fondants. It is soft yet it does not melt.
  • Hard fondants can give you a very sugary feeling while eating
  • Fondants are especially useful to make gum or sugar decorations on the cake like flowers, ribbons or any other designs used to decorate the cake. This is because they stick on to the cake well.