Military Wedding Cake Topper

These days wedding ceremonies are changing a lot. All the traditions are undergoing a change depending on the likes of the couple. There is a constant new addition to the wedding themes and wedding cakes. This article is about the military wedding cake topper.

The wedding cake is a couple’s choice so the decoration is the one that attracts them which is according to their likes and personalities. This cake has to go along with the theme of the wedding.


There are many couples who want to have military style wedding or at least a wedding cake that has a military topping. It is an interesting trend which is quite popular with couples who like to experiment.

Mostly military wedding cakes are demanded by military personnel or relatives of military people. The military cake is a usual wedding cake; the only difference is that it is decorated with military wedding cake toppers.

Usually these toppers are used according to the rank and the department of the groom or the bride in the force. For example, if any of the couple is working in navy, then the cake topper would be a submarine or a military ship.

The wedding cake has to be such that it should be the center of attraction in the ceremony. All the guests who attend the ceremony should remember the cake and its military topper for years to come. The military wedding cakes come in a shape of fighter airplanes, weapons used, aircraft carrier, etc. This depends on a couple’s personal choice.


More About The Military Wedding Cake Topper

There are some couples who choose a traditional multi-tier, white wedding cake in a round or square shape and then decorate it with a military cake topper of their choice. The military wedding cake toppers look unique and eloquent.

These military wedding cake toppers are usually decorated on a wedding cake made out of your favorite flavor in the chosen shape. Once the cake is ready, you decorate it with military wedding toppers in form of military uniform, a military couple, etc.

These days you get figurines of the couples that are exact replicas of brides and grooms. This bride replicates the real bride in form of dress, bouquet as well as hair style accompanying her groom dressed in army, navy or marine uniforms. These uniforms are designed so intricately done that even the medals are shown in the figurines. These figurines are exact replica of the couple who is getting married.

These toppers are an art in itself and can be customized according to the likes and choice of the couple. They look really interesting if decorated well on the wedding cake and should amalgamate with the wedding theme.

If you love to explore different and unique things and want to make your wedding special then you should go for a military wedding cake topper that will be a memorable experience for you as well as the guest who attend your wedding.

Military cake toppers are quite famous these days as they show the couple’s love toward the people serving the nation, passion for your country, courage and so on. Military cake toppers are highlight of a wedding cake if the bride and groom both have military background.

Today, there are toppers that use figurines of a military couple just like the bride and groom. The skin tone, hair and eye color are exact replicas of the bride and groom and the groom is dressed in an army, navy or an air force uniform that has medals and star describing his courage on the battle field.

A military wedding cake topper gives a fabulous look to a simple wedding cake. These toppers are best option for a bride who is marrying a groom who serves in the armed forces. She can show her respect, love and trust towards him through this elegant cake topper. Military cake topper works really well for couple who are interested in unique wedding cakes.