Simple Wedding Cakes

Simple wedding cakes are designed with simple decorations and fresh flowers, or stairways and fountains, Raspberry, strawberry, lemon or butter cream filling. Simple but elegant is the current trend toward wedding cakes. Most want an elegant white cake and white icing, and sometimes a filling, but not a lot of decoration and many are decorated with fresh flowers.

Wedding is a ceremony where the couple announces to the entire world that both of them want to stay together for rest of their lives. A wedding cake is traditionally cut by the couple and served to the guests. This cake stands for the union of the two and the couple wants to share their happiness and joy with all the guests.


There are a lot of wedding cakes available in various types, shapes, sizes and flavors. The couple can go for a traditional white wedding cake in round shape, simple carrot cake, multi tier chocolate cake, butter cream cake, cheese cake with strawberry, lemon fillings. These days, we see a trend that many couples opt for a simple wedding cake, which tastes delicious.

The wedding cake is a personal choice and depends on the likes of the couple. There are couples who go for exuberant, multi tiered cakes with rich flavor and great decoration while there are some who go for simple cakes. These simple cakes for wedding look elegant and attract a lot of people. These taste good but have very less or no decoration at all.

These cakes come in flavors like raspberry, carrot, spice cake with coconut filling, orange-mango, etc. the cake is baked, and icing is used for decoration. The flavor of the cake and icing has to match each other.

Natural flowers like roses, orchids, cascades can be used to decorate the cake. The flowers can be used as a cake topper or can be used on the edges of the multiple layers. The floral decoration should be minimal and not overdone. So that, the simple looks of the cake can be preserved. Keeping things simple is the key in these wedding cakes.

Let’s take a look at the different flavors of simple wedding cakes:

  • A white cake in round or square shape can be decorated with purple orchids as a topper. The simple cake will look great as you will have a color combination of white and purple.
  • A lemon flavored multiple tiered cake, which is simple can be decorated by using fresh or artificial flowers. The red roses can be used to separate each layer or can be used at the crease of each tier. The yellow and red color will synchronize and give great look.
  • A multi-tiered carrot cake can be decorated with flowers that cascade from top layer to bottom. The cascading effect can be given with straight, curve or spiral design. The color of the flowers and flavor of the cake should be contrast so that it looks elegant.

A simple wedding cake can be easily prepared and you can save a lot of money by doing so. You can decorate it with some unique and simple ideas. There are many other aspects which are to be considered for decorating the cake. They include color of the cake, the wedding theme, and the decorations around.


The decoration on the cake should get along well with all these factors. You can use unique cake toppers, fruits, and flowers to decorate the cake. Another excellent idea would be completely icing the cake. You can refer to various cake pictures and get ideas to decorate the cake and provide a unique look to your cake. You can either opt for a single layered or multiple layered wedding cakes for the ceremony.