Square Wedding Cakes

A wedding cake is a must for a beautiful wedding. A wedding is a union of two persons who love and care for each other. The wedding cake is a symbol of their togetherness. Hence, the square wedding cakes have to be designed so that they are a replica of the couple’s likes and personas. The wedding cake has to be the center of attraction and memorable to the couple and the guests. A square wedding cake does just that.

A personalized wedding cake is perfect for marking a special occasion. In early times, wedding cakes were molded in round shapes. However, with the changing time, wedding cakes are becoming a creative art. These days, wedding cakes come in various shapes like hexagonal, square, oval, flower petal shapes- in a word, unusual shapes.


Square wedding cakes are popular with couples as they are simple yet elegant. Moreover, they are available in various flavors and colors. According to the couple’s likes, one can choose a chocolate cake, a white butter cake, a chocolate and butter cake, a fruit cake having orange, pineapple, raspberry, or strawberry flavors, etc.

A square cake can be prepared by combining two flavors like vanilla and strawberry. The wedding cake will consist of one layer of vanilla, followed by strawberry. This will make the cake look beautiful in white and pink. Some unusual square cakes are – chocolate mocha sour cream cake iced with chocolate mocha buttercream or Vanilla cake with vanilla or hazelnut custard filling. Many couples do prefer different flavors for different tiers.

The filling can be done with fruit preserves, mousses, and creams. Strawberry and Raspberry preserves, Cappuccino, Espresso, Champagne, Grand Mariner, or Vanilla custard are great for fillings. Next, one can choose the flavors that match the wedding colors used in the venue arrangement, flower arrangement, and last but not least, the bridal gown. Once the color and flavor are decided, you can choose the shape.


The square wedding cakes can be decorated with lace, ribbons, flowers, seashells, marbles, and other motifs. For example, a layer of cake with beautiful red or orange-colored roses followed by another layer can be a good choice for a multi-tiered square wedding cake. The cake can also be wrapped as a gift box with a red ribbon on the top. This symbolizes a beautiful gift.

In the modern age, there are endless options for decoration—only the concept of the decoration matters. If you are clear about your concept, then leave it to the cake designers. These designers will transform your concept into reality. To give you a crystal clear idea of decorating your dream cake, some examples are cited.

If the square cake is a three or four-tiered extravaganza, you can have a white, yellow, or ivory-colored cake. In those cases, red roses or rose petals can be used for decoration. In addition, one can have a cascade of flowers ornamenting the cake on one side so that the other side contrasts with it.

For outdoor weddings, there can be nothing better than bright natural hues. White and green, white and pink, ivory and orange, chocolate cakes, chocolate, white buttercream, etc., are really some good combinations pleasing the eyes. Ribbons- satin ribbons or colored ribbons can nicely border the cake. Besides these, one can use edible bows, edible flowers like daisies or calla lilies, gum paste butterflies, silk butterflies, edible pearls, paper boxes, handscrolls, etc. Flat single-tiered square cakes can be designed like a chessboard or a scoreboard for those couples who love indoor games.

 Why you should have a square wedding cake

The perfect wedding cake is the fairy tale ending to your magical day, but it’s no secret that wedding cakes can be super expensive. Think about how much time and effort goes into making each slice of that glorious cake. What you spend on the bottom tier will define the look of your overall wedding cake design. So, don’t blow your budget on just one-tier.

It’s the most affordable option that will still leave your guests in awe. The best part? You don’t sacrifice any design elements to get a quirky shape. Square cakes can be adorned with all different designs and embellishments, making them the most flexible choice—in terms of style and budget!

Square cakes are also easier for your caterer to cut and serve (fewer pieces to slice!), which means less waste at the end of the night. And since they’re smaller than round or tiered cakes, you save money on ingredients too! So ask yourself: What little details would make this cake extra special? And why not make it a square?


Today cake pans, cake designs, cake stands, and servings specially meant for square cakes are available in the market. The square cakes can be decorated with monogram toppers, crystal toppers according to the theme of the wedding. Toppers like bling monograms, acrylic hearts, beach wedding couples, bride and groom kissing figurines suit the square cakes.

If the couple is full of creativity, then they can design a simple square wedding cake into a specially decorated cake with a unique color scheme and toppers. Using fresh flowers can give an elegant look to the wedding cake. This will create a great and memorable atmosphere for your wedding. The square cake will make the occasion a great moment in your life.