Unique Wedding Cakes

Unique wedding cakes are an significant part of a wedding ceremony. The wedding cake is baked according to the couple’s choice and taste. The cake is a result of the couple’s research, creative ideas and a lot of hard work. The wedding cake is available in various sizes and shapes and in different flavors.

The round white cake, fruit cake was traditional cakes served during weddings. As there are changes in wedding traditions, cakes are also undergoing change. Today, we see a trend of unique cakes. These cakes are different and symbolize the couple’s like, memories, favorite hobby, etc.


Unique wedding cakes are the cakes that have different shapes, various decoration patterns and flavors that are not traditional. The shapes that one can find is football stadium, a cricket bat, airplane, etc. The flavors like carrot, raspberry, chocolate, etc. are seen in these cakes.

The snaps of the couple, a special memento can be seen as the wedding cake toppers. The typical white icing too has under gone change and has been replaced by icing made out of strawberry sauce, white chocolate etc.

These unique cakes are personalized according to the couple’s like and personnel choices. They bake the cake in such a manner that it looks unique and tastes great.

These cakes are modernized in their approach and showcase the attitude of the couple. They make a bold statement about the hobbies, sports, country, etc. The themes of the weddings are unique these days accordingly the cakes also prepared are different.

The uniqueness is the USP of these cakes and therefore they become center of attraction for the guests. They are visual treat to the entire wedding gathering. The main motive of the cake is sharing of joy and happiness of the couple with the guest remains same with unique wedding also.

Let’s take a look at ideas on unique wedding cakes:

  • An unique wedding cake can be part of wedding celebration if the cake has unique flavor, shape, decoration or a cake topper. If the bride and groom love flowers and garden then the replica of flower bouquet or a garden can be created as a decoration on the cake. A garden that has lawn, white picket fence, and multi-colored flower beds can be created on the wedding cakes.
  • Victorian styled cake can be created with the help of bows and roses. The drapery of the couple used as a cake topper is swaggering. The cake has the violet colored bows with roses, various flowers and grapes.
  • The couple who loves traveling can opt for a cake that has a topper depicting a bride and groom moving in a propelled plane. The groom and bride could be dressed in casual clothes as they are traveling and enjoying.
  • The groom’s love for cars can be shown with a simple cake that has a luxury car like limousine, Mercedes Benz and so on. The groom waiting for bride with his car can be he unique cake topper.
  • A unique cake with spring as a theme is a great idea. The cake has a lot of flowers in various hues with a lot of greenery around. A perfect scene of spring can be created.
  • The wedding cake can be unique if it is a replica of the wonders of world like Taj Mahal from India, leaning tower of Pisa, Eiffel tower and so on. This shows the greatness of the monument and the baker’s skill.
  • If the couple is interested in precious metals and stones then today we have unique cakes that have decoration of diamonds, gold and platinum. The gold embroidery is used for decoration. A topper made out of platinum or gold in various shape can be used.