Wedding Cake Boxes

A wedding cake is the focus of attention in the wedding party. Along with the bride and the groom, the wedding cake also holds a lot of attention from the guests. There are many traditions associated with the cake that makes the cake very special and significant. The wedding cake is cut by the bride and the groom and then it is cut into pieces for the guests. Many a times the wedding cake is cut and packed in beautiful cake boxes. The guests carry their cake-pieces in boxes. That is why wedding cake boxes are so significant.

  • Tradition Wedding cake boxes are important because they facilitate the carrying of the cake. The tradition of a wedding cake box has been popular since a long time. In the Medieval time, there was a popular belief that a person who would carry a piece of a wedding cake would be very happy and lucky in her/his married life. During that period, a man or a woman would take a piece of the cake and place it below his/her pillow. It was believed that if he/she would perform this action, he/she would dream of his/her future life-partner. That belief popularized the notion of the cake boxes.
  • Importance A wedding cake has to be kept in a safe place so that it does not break and there is no harm did to the cake. From this practical point of view, a wedding cake box is very important. The wedding cake is transported to the venue of the wedding party packed in a big cake box. The cake boxes are manufactured for single-tiered cakes, multi-tiered cakes, or mini cup cakes.
  • Sizes and designs The cake boxes are available in various sizes, shapes and designs etc. It depends on the choice of the wedding couple weather they want a ready-made box or a hand-made cake box. Wedding cake favor boxes can be personalized according to the wedding theme, the color of the wedding cake, or according to the choice and taste of the wedding couple.

Types of wedding cake boxes

As stated earlier, a wedding cake box can be a small or a huge box depending on the size of the wedding cake. These cake boxes are mostly made of plastic and cardboard.

  • Plastic cake boxes are used by the bakers to display wedding cakes and also for the purpose of transportation of the cake to the venue of the wedding. These are actually more strongly- built than the cardboard cake boxes. But in today’s world, where everyone is striving hard to use eco-friendly products, carrying plastic bags or box do not sound safe. But then this problem is also solved as there are recyclable plastic box. These boxes are used for carrying the cakes. The only thing that you have to be sure before using plastic box is that you should recycle the box. Plastic cake boxes in bulk are sold by wholesale distributors in cheaper prices.
  • Cardboard cake boxes can be simple white or colored. There are different qualities of cardboards, so you have to make the choice. But it would be better if you choose a good quality cardboard. There are designed cardboard cake boxes also. So everything depends on your budget and choice.
  • The third type of box is the mini cake boxes. These are small boxes which can hold one cupcake. There are also cupcake boxes that can hold 6 mini cupcakes. Here the size of each cupcake will be the important factor for the size of the cake box. Sometimes inserts are required within the cake box. For storing cupcakes inserts are a must. Otherwise the cupcakes would fall into each other and an unnecessary mess would be created.

Shape and Designs

Wedding cake favor boxes are designed in square or round shapes. You can have a simple white cake box or a colored and ornamented cake box. If you have time, let your imagination run wild. You can make bows with colored ribbons and tie it to a satin ribbon covering the box. Again you can write the wedding couple’s name on the cake-box. If you want, a cake favor like a small key ring, a decorative butterfly etc. can be attached to the cake box to make it look more marvelous. Whatever you do, you should take care that the decoration does not obstruct the opening of the cake-box and harm the cake inside. After all the cake is more important than the box or the decoration.

A beautiful wedding cake box attracts the holder to savor the cake. The cake box can also be gifted to the guests. So choose a box that can be kept as a sweet memory for all time to come.