Wedding Cake Flavors

Wedding cake is an inseparable part of wedding celebration. These days the wedding cake is undergoing a lot of change like all the wedding traditions. The typical round white cake is replaced with cake of different shapes and various flavors. The couples are experimenting with flavors and shapes so that a unique cake can be presented in the wedding. The uniqueness of the cake lies in the looks as well as the taste. The cake has to gel with the theme, decorations of the venue and flower arrangement as well as the bridal wear. The flavor is an integral part as it gives the taste and color to the cake.

The cake has to be a visual treat as well as delicious in taste. If the couple keeps this thing in mind, then choosing the right flavor will become the first priority when deciding about the special cake. Traditionally, the cake was served in typical white color and vanilla flavor with butter cream. Then, flavors like chocolate, strawberry, and various fruits were seen as the trend. In today’s modern time, the couple opts for flavors like coconut, mango, orange, all spices, carrot, raspberry, etc. The flavors have changed as a lot of experimentation is happening in the area of baking cake and people accepting new ideas.


Let’s take a look at the various wedding cake flavors:

The use of lemon or lemon poppy seeds is the trend that has surfaced for last few years and it is quite popular. The lemon mousse filling can be another addition.

The white chocolate, dark chocolate, liquor filled chocolate cake, chocolate are the flavors that are seen in the weddings as these days dark flavors are acceptable. These days, chocolate is a favorite with young and old

The cake in two flavors is also very much in demand. The couple chooses a cake like mango-orange that has one layer of mango followed by another layer of orange. The cake not only looks good, but also tastes great. Same thing is done with white vanilla cake with strawberry.

The mini cup cakes are served to the guests at the wedding. These cakes are baked in various flavors like vanilla, black forest, chocolate, strawberry, etc. Every guest gets a flavor he or she likes.

The unique flavors like coconut and carrot are seen in the weddings. The use of spices like cardamom, cloves, and chilies are seen to give the cake a hot and spicy flavor.

Some of the most unconventional flavors are popular nowadays. Couples no more opt only for a plain vanilla or a white chocolate cake. Most people tend to experiment with designs, colors and flavors. In fact, it is quite a trend to mix more than one or two flavors in a wedding cake. Especially if the cake is three tiered, you can keep one flavor for each tier or one flavor for the middle tier and some other flavor for the top and bottom tiers.

You can opt for non traditional flavors and some permutations and combinations of these flavors like, carrot, lemon, vanilla buttercream with raspberry, lemon syrup with curd and blackberry, raspberry and white chocolate cream, lemon and coconut with vanilla buttercream, orange zest with mocha, white chocolate with rum, marzipan with orange and chocolate, strawberry and vanilla, dark chocolate and rum, white chocolate mousse, tiramisu, cappuccino cream with vanilla, apricot with hazelnut and chocolate, almond cream and raspberries, mango and vanilla, German chocolate and coconut and so many other different combinations of flavors.

It is best to use fresh flavors and ingredients rather than essence. A fresh cream cake always tastes good and fresh fruits, extracts or other ingredients add a lot to the taste. See to it that the flavors you choose go well with the cake type and they also complement each other. You would have to do some trial and error to finalize on the right combination. The best way is to fix an appointment with your baker, discuss your requirements and also taste some cake samples.

To make the cake softer and rich in flavors, add syrup on to the cake when you cut it in two halves. Add some syrup on the upper side of the bottom layer, spread some icing on that and keep the upper half of the cake upside down i.e. brown part facing downwards. Add some syrup on the upper part of the cake and spread some buttercream evenly on the top.

The cakes can be simple; the couple can make it different by adding different fillings and topping it with icing. The fillings of strawberries, mulberries, blueberries can give good taste as well as look to the cake. Toppings in form of fresh fruits, icing matching to the flavor will give elegant look and fresh taste to the cake.