Wedding Cake Designs

A Wedding cake is one major attraction of a wedding ceremony. So it should be stylish, sizzling and scintillating. Luscious in taste and dazzling in looks, a wedding cake becomes the hot topic of discussion. The more stylish a cake, the more is the credit of the baker and the couple’s imagination. This article has something to say about wedding cake designs.

More innovations in the field of baking and decorations have led to some incredible wedding cake designs. Traditional or modern, novelty cakes or contemporary ones, cupcakes or classic cakes all designed with new ideas and concept give an all-together new look to the cakes.


From the days of the Great Roman Empire the wedding cakes have been simple yet elegant. Yet with the passing of time, the cake design has transformed a lot. In the modern age, we can have anything and everything as the cake designs such is the capability of the designers.

Some famous designs of wedding cakes are- fun kids wedding cakes with edible kid figurines, flower pot cakes wit gum paste roses lilies and leaves, classy vintage cakes, cakes portraying cascade of tulips or wildflowers, polka dots, etc.

Fantastic cake toppers like wedding couple figurine or any crystal topper also make the cakes look classy. Today, wedding cake designs not only speak of the couple’s personal style statement but also reflect their cultures. Wedding cakes are also designed to suit the time of the year.

For example, a yellow or white cake decorated with fresh flower is perfect for a summer wedding.

When it is autumn, a yummy mocha cake tends to be mouth-watering. Contemporary weddings incorporate cake ideas with bold color like deep red, leafy green, blue and orange. A wedding cake can be designed to match the bridal gown or the embroidered laces on the dress.

Beautiful hand motifs, and wonderful decor items like charms, beads, satin ribbons, cake toppers, ocean scrolls, star fish, natural and edible seashells just make the cake a gorgeous and enticing work of art.

Cake designs are varied and different. These vary due to the differences in choices and tastes of the customers. Keeping in trend with modernity, today’s wedding cake designers use various software for making wedding cakes designs.

If any couple has interest in designing their own wedding cake the software aids them but they need to follow the specific procedure.

Wedding cake designer software also helps you to make hundreds and hundreds of beautiful and attractive wedding and specialty cakes designs. This wedding cake software also allows you to create designs of different toppers and wedding cake figurines.

Wedding cakes are available in various types and designs. For that the cake designer uses wedding related material which includes wedding dress, hearts, shapes like a castle, flowers and many other materials as one may wish. There are some unique wedding cake designs which are very attractive and most wanted by couples.

Following are some names of delicious cake designs and pictures which will help you to select the most beautiful and attractive wedding cake at the time of your wedding ceremony. There is no restriction on designs of the wedding cakes. It may be hexagonal, rounded, heart shaped, and also a sheet shaped.

Hexagon Shaped Wedding Cakes:

  • This cake contains fondant icing. The topper is made of pastillage, luster dusts, brown sugar etc. It contains two or more layers depending upon couple’s choice. But mostly this cake contains three layers.
  • The wedding ceremony is a special occurrence in one’s life and so each person attached to wedding is similarly evidentiary. Chocolate wedding cake is regularly ordered in wedding ceremony seasons. Generally it is liked by every group of any age, say from shrimp children to adults.

Designing a wedding cake is not a matter of joke. It requires an artistic hand to indulge in such activity. Labor, intelligence and sheer indulgence in the art of cake designing will definitely prove fruitful.

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