Wedding Cake Ideas

A wedding cake is a must in a western wedding. The focus of the entire wedding is on the couple and their well decorated, special wedding cake. You will read about a number of wedding cake ideas in this article. The wedding has to go along with the theme of the wedding. The couple takes great care in deciding the shape, size and flavor of the wedding cake.

The wedding cake symbolizes the union of two persons who love, care and trusts each other. A meaningful wedding cake idea is the most important thing in a successful wedding. The wedding cake is baked according to likes of the couple.

Every couple has a certain specific idea of a wedding cake in their minds and at the time of the wedding, they bring the idea to reality by preparing a unique wedding cake.

The wedding cakes can be prepared in various types. There are a lot of wedding cake ideas for the brides. You can have simple wedding cakes, square wedding cakes, castle wedding cakes, etc. The wedding cakes depend on personal choice and likes.

The wedding cake has to gel with the theme of the wedding, bride’s dress, flower arrangement at the venue, etc. The design and decoration of the cake has to be special so that it becomes the center piece of the wedding along with the couple.


Other Wedding Cake Ideas

A couple can go for a traditional round white cake if you want things to be simple or go for an unique modern design of cake in form of a soccer field, favorite car, etc.

Today, you get a lot of different types of wedding cake. You just need to have the choice, aesthetic sense and creativity. The shapes too are changing. You have square, oval, heart, hexagonal rather than the traditional round shape. The cake may be of any type but the main objective of sharing love, happiness, prosperity and fertility with friends and family remains the same.

You have to answer some questions before you decide about the wedding cake. What is your budget for cake, is the cake only desert that you are serving, how large the cake has to be, will the cake compliment the rest of the menu? These answers will help you in taking a right decision.

You will get a lot of ideas from various people. Choose the flavor that you like. You can go for traditional flavors like vanilla, cheese, chocolate or tropical fruits like lemon, orange, strawberry, etc. If you love to experiment then choose from walnut, apricot, spices like ginger, and cardamom which are latest trends in wedding cakes. These depend on the couple’s choice.

You can choose cake toppers that match the decoration and theme of the wedding. You can go for crystal toppers, monogram toppers, etc or the traditional figurine of couple as a topper. Look into all the varieties and choose the one that suit your personality.

Your wedding cake has to stand out for the special and memorable event of your life. Find out the wedding cake from our list and share and enjoy the cake with your guests.

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