Wedding Cake Prices

The wedding cakes are available in different sizes, shapes, and decoration includes cake flavors, frosting options, design choices, decorating ideas, and last but not least – cake-top statuettes and floral arrangements. Wedding cake prices include all these things. Quantity or weight and the number of tiers of the cake are also an important factor in its price. Wedding cakes are always expensive than any other type of cakes.


Wedding cake prices vary dramatically due to the wide range of designs, styles, and sizes. The cake price is based on the amount of time involved in creating the overall cake design and the number of servings you request. The more elaborate the design, the more expensive your cost per slice.

A simple cake design should cost no more than a couple of dollars per slice. The price goes up from there, peaking at about $15.00 per slice for an exquisitely elaborate cake created by a renowned designer.

One way to reduce the cost of your cake is to have a small, elaborate cake made to display and use for the bride and groom cake cutting ceremony, and have sheet cakes tucked away to slice and serve to your guests. If you wish to be discrete, you can have the display cake taken away to be cut in the kitchen after the official cake cutting ceremony has ended.

Be sure to have a signed agreement with your cake vendor detailing its policy and pricing, and add the date, time, and location of delivery if it is not already stated. A deposit of twenty to fifty percent is usually required to secure services, with the balance due one to two weeks before the wedding.

More About Wedding Cake Prices

Wedding cake is synonymous to wedding. One cannot think about an elaborate wedding without a beautiful and elegant wedding cake. The wedding cake comes in various flavors, sizes and shapes. Today, the couple can go for unique cakes that have different shapes and fabulous fillings and icing for decoration.

The bride and groom should go for a wedding cake that suits their budget. Do not go for an extravagant cake that is too costly. The wedding cake can be simple yet beautiful. The wedding cake has to be a visual treat that looks great and tastes delicious. Price of wedding cake depends on the size, shape, flavor and decoration of the cake.

The price of the wedding cake is calculated in terms of slices served as a portion. Fruitcake slice and party slice of two types of slices in which the baker calculates the price. Before ordering the cake you need to choose the size that you require. Go to a baker who specializes in wedding cakes.

You have to inquire from the baker whether the price includes rent for cake stand, transportation charges along with the cake. You should go for a baker whose price is the most affordable. Get quotation from at least three to four bakers before choosing one.

Wedding cake cost should be all inclusive so that you need not worry about transportation, cutting charges, cake stand rent and so on. You need to enquire about whether the money has to be paid in full or installments, the time frame of paying the installments and so on.

This helps you in planning the budget. The price has to match with the looks and taste of the cake. Wedding cake price can be lowered if the couple goes for a floral decoration with help of a florist than the costly fondant flowers. The cake budget can be lowered by using a cake topper given by friends or family member a wedding gift.

Those couples, who have affordable wedding budget and wedding cake prices are too high for them to spend, then the better option is to bake a cake at home. If anyone of them or their family or friend is able to bake a good cake then you could take their help.

Bake a cake according to the number of your guests. Decorating the cake would not be a big deal because you could do it yourself as it is not very difficult. So, now you need not to worry only about the prices of wedding cakes.