Wedding Cake Pulls

Wedding is a blissful package of rituals, customs and traditions. Not only does the wedding couple, but also the guests are actively and happily engaged in those traditions. One of the most significant and popular tradition are the wedding cake pulls.

The wedding cake pulls are tiny silver-made articles imbued with symbolic meaning. Traditionally these are pulled by the bridesmaid prior to the cake-cutting ceremony by the bride and the groom.


It was in the Victorian Era that the tradition of Wedding cake pulls started. Since then it had gained immense popularity. These beautiful charms, tied with satin ribbons are inserted in between the layers of the cake or under the bottom layer of the cake. A part of the ribbon is set loose along the sides of the cake.

Sometimes the ribbons are embedded in the icing of the cake. The bridesmaid or some other guests are requested to pull their charms from the cake. This event serves as the opportunity for catching the fun and gay moments of the wedding to be cherished forever.

The moment of pulling becomes very special for both the guests and the couple. The guests have their own cake pulls, which stands for happiness. Sometimes the charms also suggest some good luck or quality which the bearer possesses or is likely to possess.

Weddings of the modern era are really a show of grandeur and beauty. The wedding couple remains very specific about each and every element of the wedding decoration. Their choice and taste has led to the availability of different wedding decor. And one such accessory is the cake pull, which is available in varied shapes, sizes, and colors.

One can order for some specially designed wedding cake pulls like Five Point Star, castle, seagull, mermaid, crystal balls, etc. A number of colored ribbons coming out of the multi-tiered cake catch the attention of the beholder.

While choosing for cake pulls, the couple should take care of certain things:

  • The cake pulls should not be baked within the cake. The cake is to be iced around leaving the sides.
  • The guests should gently pull out the charms. And if anyone of them has a piece of cake with a charm within it, he or she should remove that first.
  • If you are going to insert a cake pull then you should discuss and inform the baker about it beforehand.

Cake pulls of the modern age are stunningly beautiful and gorgeous yet carrying symbolic significance. Contemporary couples choose to select charms that reflect their personal style or taste, and even matching the wedding theme.

There has been a major transformation as regards the shape and style of the charms, yet these remain to be an important tradition of the wedding ceremony. Here, follows a list of wedding cake pull which represents charm name and its meaning:

  • Ring: Upcoming marriage
  • Butterfly: Eternal beauty
  • Heart: New love
  • Star: Wish comes true
  • Fleur-de-Lis: Love will blossom, prosperity
  • Wreath: Contented life
  • Four Leaf Clover: Lucky in life
  • Anchor: Adventure awaits
  • Kite: Fun and leisurely life
  • Red Bean: Good luck
  • Hot Air Balloon: A life of travel and adventure
  • Thimble: Spinsterhood
  • Mermaid: Free spirit


The wedding cake pull should not be baked along with the cake. You have to keep some space between the edges of the cake to insert the cake pull after it is completely baked. The charm should be inserted within the layers of the cake.

The cake pulls selected should compliment well with the wedding theme and the color of the cake. Once the cake pull is properly placed in the cake, you should go ahead with icing. The guests who would get the charm in the cake should carefully remove it and then eat the piece of the cake.

You have to tie a stain ribbon to the cake pull and then insert it in the cake. The bridesmaid would pull it out of the cake during the reception party. Hence, it should be inserted in such as way that while pulling the charm the cake is not destroyed.