Wedding Cake Stands

Wedding cake stands, as the name suggests, is a pedestal on which the wedding cake is placed. The selection of the stand is as important as the selection of the cake itself as an ugly stand will detract the look of even the most beautiful cake on this earth. Not only should it be big enough to hold the cake but should also match the cake.


Selecting a wedding cake stand

The first important thing is to finalize your cake as you cannot choose a stand if you have not decided upon the cake.Whatever you choose, remember that it will be a reflection of your taste and the tone you want to set for your wedding reception.You also need to make sure that it is able to take the weight of the cake; you do not want the cake to collapse in the middle of the event.The only important thing that you must keep in mind is that it should go with the overall decor of your party and of course with the wedding cake.

Wedding cake stands types

  • Square: This goes well with traditional square-shaped cakes and also offers an alternative to the traditional round-shaped pedestal. It is one of the most popular choices right now.
  • Silver: These, as the name suggests, are silver colored or ones that have a silver coating on them, which makes them look very beautiful. You can get them made in any shape, square, circle, oval etc.
  • Acrylic: These come in sets of plates and columns of different sizes and heights, which allow you to make spectacular arrangements on your own, instead of the traditional designs.
  • 3 tier: These are designed specifically for tiered cakes, to hold each cake in place. They come in different finishes such as glass and metal and you can also get the shape of your choice.
  • Cupcake: These are made for cupcake wedding cakes and are very popular these days. They can be made into a cupcake cascading tower or a tree or any other shape of your choice with an option of choosing the material of your choice.
  • Plastic: These are inexpensive and the great option for those tight on their budget. Again you have the option of getting them made in the color and shape of your choice
  • Unique: This basically means custom-made pedestals which are made to order so that it is unique and no one else has it. These are mainly used to incorporate ethnic background, family tradition, hobbies, interests etc.
  • Gold: These come with real gold coating on them and look very beautiful. They can be ordered to be made in the shape of your choice.
  • Cascading: This has individual plates arranged into tiers, which could either go up in a straight angle or rise in a manner that resembles an object.
  • Cheap: This option is for those who cannot spend lavishly on their wedding. It is actually a great pick because this object is something which you will never use in your life again, so why spend a fortune on it?

Cake Stand Prices

The prices of wedding cake stands depend obviously on the type of the stand you choose. Normally those with minimal design and a slight silver or gold finish range from about $60 – $100. Depending on the complexity of the design like for cupcake or tiered ones and the amount of gold or silver used (if any) the cost could go up to $150 – $200.

Whichever wedding cake stand you choose, just remember that it should fit in your budget and should reflect your background and your personality and most importantly it should be able to hold the cake in its place.

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