Wedding Cake Toppers

Stylish and beautiful wedding cake toppers can make a wedding memorable. From the olden times, wedding cakes- simple or multi-tiered have been a significant tradition of the wedding ceremonies. With the passing of time this tradition has become all the more significant. Many customs, styles, and designs have evolved as a result of this. One such fashion of beautifying the wedding cakes is the wedding cake toppers. Cake toppers are an obvious requirement to decorate the wedding cakes. Cake toppers are meant for manifold purposes- these are reflective of the personal style statement of the wedding couple, these speak of the wedding theme, but sometimes these are for mere decoration purpose.


In the Roman Era and the Victorian age the wedding cakes were decorated with flowers, orchids and fruits. Most of the times the wedding cakes were topped with a couple figurine which symbolizes the bride and the groom. Gradually wedding couples’ demand and imagination coupled with bakers’ capabilities had produced many stylish, wonderful and unique wedding cake toppers.

A wedding cake has to gel with the theme of wedding, venue arrangements, flower decoration, bridal wear, etc. All these items have to be synchronized so that a delightful effect is created in the wedding. The wedding cake is decorated with help of icing and cake toppers. These toppers can be of various types like military toppers, monograms, crystal cake toppers, vintage toppers, religious toppers, beach wedding toppers, etc. The wedding cake topper can be personalized by using names of the couple, date of the wedding, etc. The topper can be kept as a memento. It can be cherished for years together.

Let’s take a look at the various cake toppers

Crystal Cake Toppers

A crystal wedding cake topper is available in various sizes and shapes. The topper is made of crystal and gives a unique looks to the wedding cake. An entangled heart, crystal figurines, cupid, twin swans, rose with swans, Engravable Stephanotis Bouquet, love birds candle holder, etc. are popular crystal toppers. Swarovski crystal cake toppers and Renaissance crystal cake toppers are the two types of crystal toppers.

Vintage Wedding Cake Toppers

If your wedding has an antique theme, then you should go for a vintage wedding cake topper. These toppers are available at antique shops as well as online. These cake toppers are available in various shapes and sizes. Many couples use old vintage toppers from their parents’ marriage, paternal or maternal family’s toppers, which have been used in many weddings. Two love birds, two doves, a big heart, two entangled hearts made in wood, porcelain are the common vintage cake toppers.

Military Cake Toppers

The military cake toppers are used in the military theme weddings. Usually, military cake toppers are available in form of military couple, military uniform, aircraft carriers, weapons like fighter planes, military sexy ethnic, military couple over the threshold, air force or navy wedding couple figurine, etc. These toppers can be kept for years together in your wedding memorabilia.

Beach Wedding Theme Cake Toppers

A wedding under the blue sky in front of the blue ocean is very romantic. And a wedding cake with a beach wedding cake topper adds more emotions to it. The most liked cake toppers are beach acrylic celebration circle, just married couple kissing figurine, dolphin Hawaiian beach, seaside jewels, palm trees, crystal beach starfish, beach romantic couple, etc.

Funny Cake Toppers

If the couple wants to make their wedding memorable, special yet funny, they should opt for funny toppers. These toppers add an element of fun and amusement to the wedding array. Some examples of cake toppers which keep the guests and the couples laughing and rejoicing are cited: Bride chasing or pulling the groom, bride in charge wearing pants and groom without ones, Dragon Heart Pewter wedding topper, “Funny Sexy” African-American wedding bride and groom figurine, etc.

Religious Wedding Cake Tops

Wedding is a pious ceremony celebrating the union of two souls. To bring this pure essence, couples opt for religious cake toppers many-a-times. Graceful and simple religious cake toppers are- crystal Hummingbirds on Cross, Love Verse on Bible, acrylic Faithful union, Ceramic Cross, etc.

Besides the above-mentioned cake toppers there are other cake toppers like Precious Moments toppers, Ethnic toppers, castle wedding toppers, Circle of Love toppers, etc.

These wedding cakes are made in different sizes, shapes and styles. Here you will be able to go through many Wedding cake pictures collection.