Wedding Shower Cakes

A bride is the center of attraction in a marriage. Traditionally the brides have been endowed with immense significance in all the customs and rituals of a wedding. The bride, her wedding gown, her make-up, and her choices- all these become the hot topics of discussion in a wedding. Among various traditions which revolve round the bride, wedding shower cakes is one significant wedding tradition.

Generally this ritual is performed prior to the wedding day, when the bride gets the last chance to be completely “herself” and does anything she feels like doing. The bride and the bride’s maid enjoy the party which is specially organized for the bride. The night prior to the actual wedding event thus becomes very sweet and memorable. A wedding shower cake is a part of such a party which is ordered by the bride’s maid in honor of the bride. All the friends and well-wishers gather together to show their invaluable love, care and emotional support to the bride.


The would-be bride cut the cake and all of the guests enjoy, sing, eat and dance to complete the function of the wedding shower. Bridal shower cakes are thus hugely popular and are specially designed keeping in mind the choices and personal tastes of the would-be bride.

Bridal Shower cakes

Bridal shower cakes are available in various sizes, shapes, designs, colors and flavors. These cakes can be single-tiered, multi-tiered and are also available in individual cupcakes. These cakes are primarily designed to reflect the would-be-bride’s hobbies, interests, passions, likes, etc. The most common wedding shower cakes are the cakes that are an exact replica of the beautiful bridal gown.

The color, intricate designs, or the hand-motifs embroidered on the bridal gown are also designed in the shower cake.

If the number of guests invited for the wedding shower is less, you can opt for a single-layered cake or sheet cake. For this you can order the cake in designs that suit the personality of the would-be-bride. The cakes can be in the shape of flower petals, heart-shape, round, oval, hexagonal shapes, etc. For a large gathering you can go for the multi-tiered wedding shower cakes which are almost similar to the regular wedding cakes.

If it is a single-layered flat, round or sheet cake decorate it with cake toppers, ribbons, bows, flowers, bouquet of flowers etc. You can also write some romantic wedding or love quotes either on the top or on the sides of the cake. Well, if you want to deviate from the traditional quotes, you can even opt to write some lines from the bride’s favorite poem or some lines that describe her best. Your friend, the bride would definitely be excited and happy to view the expressive wedding shower cake.

How to Decorate

Now-a-days there has been a great transformation in the concepts of parties and feasts. The wedding couple, their families and friends are very particular about their choices. Every party has a theme and the decorations and the food of that party has to gel with the theme. The case is the same with wedding shower cakes. If the theme of the cake is any specific color, any retro-theme or beach-theme then the shower cake should be designed according to that theme.

The bridal shower cakes can be decorated with stars, angels, butterflies, flowers like lilies, tulips or daisies, fruits, ribbons, pearls, white and gold balls, etc. Again edible rose petals or petals of the bride’s favorite flowers, edible pearls, sugar butterflies, and sugar berries can be glued on the top of the cake.

A cascade of flowers like tulips can be placed in one side of the cake. Cascades of blue or pink flowers look stylish and gorgeous on an all-in-all white cake. Cake toppers like precious-moment toppers, crystal toppers, beach-themed toppers, music-toppers, hobbies-toppers, religious toppers, etc. lend an elegant look to the cake.

Even if you decide about the size, shape and decoration of the wedding cakes, one important thing is left out and that is the flavor. The flavor of the cake that is meant for the would-be-bride should necessarily be of her choice. Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, coconut, raspberry, butter cream- whatever flavor she likes should be the flavor of the shower cake. Apple spice, lime curd, mocha are some unusual yummy flavors. The fondant and icing done on the cake should make the cake look attractive and mouth-watering.

Some wedding shower cake ideas are cited below:

  • Although common, but most people prefer a bridal gown wedding cake. You can decorate the cake with your own ideas. For example, the design of the gown may be the shape but you can bring a change in the colors. You can opt for white and violet, black and white, dark red, blue and pink etc.
  • You can order for a church-shape cake if the would-be-bride is a religious-minded personality. Then a crystal topper like Cross, Love verse on bible, Ceramic Cross etc. look good as cake toppers.
  • There are wedding shower towel cakes, which are not edible cakes but are meant for the purpose of decorations. A bride’s figure on the top of the cakes looks equally gorgeous and stunning. To accompany the towel cakes, you can order for small colored cup cakes with different flavors suiting the taste of the guests and the bride herself.
  • A butterfly symbolizes eternal beauty. Any woman or girl is metaphorically the symbol of beauty. So go for a butterfly-shaped and colored shower cake decorated with iced fondant and edible small colorful butterflies. Similarly a heart-shape or mermaid-shaped cake symbolizing love and free spirit respectively will be good for cakes.